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About Us

About CampVision

CampVision (CV) is an adventure of equals which allows Singaporean youths 13-16 years old to strengthen their self-leadership via positive mentor relationships with working professionals as role models. CV is a registered Charity in Singapore.

CV reaches out to marginalized Singaporean youths from neighborhood schools who need stronger self-leadership to make better choices and who want their voice to be heard.

It is an affirming, safe and empowering community of youths and working professionals who find the courage to be vulnerable in their endeavor to be better individuals. The connections that are built through CV’s initiatives broaden the youths’ exposure and their world view. These connections also contribute towards the building of social capital between two groups of people who may otherwise not have had their paths crossed and be personally impacted by each other.

Through its initiatives and strategic partnerships, CV helps to level the playing field for marginalized youths and gives them a platform to be heard.

See for yourself!

Our Tenets


At CampVision, we practice Choice and the appreciation that with every choice, there are consequences.

Role Modelling

On the premise that our actions speak louder than words, CampVision emphasizes the importance of positive Role Modelling.


Empowering youths to believe that they have the ability to lead better lives and have their dreams come true

Positive Affirmation

Creating an environment where youths can feel through POSITIVE AFFIRMATION that they are safe from being judged.

A brief history of how we started.

It started in 2003 with 3 working women who wanted to make a difference to the community, and what began with a simple but powerful 3D2N annual camp, has over the last decade engaged 300 over volunteers…

and have empowered and make a difference in the lives of over 1,000 youths. In addition to the annual camp, CampVision has grown and expanded to encompass a broad range of activities and initiatives.

Our Objectives

Empowering Youths

To create an exciting, fun and learning environment for youths to develop leadership skills, enhance personal growth, and apply what they have learnt in their lives.

Role Modelling

To facilitate a pipeline of youth through the creation of a mentorship platform for the older Youth to mentor and groom the younger Youth.

Developing Attitude

To create an inspiring and powerful weekend for the 100 youths and 40 volunteers such that they will participate in future CampVision as volunteers to “pay-it-forward”.

Continuous Learning

To provide an opportunity for CampVision Leaders to further hone their leadership potential and inspire other youth participants.

About Our Youths.

Every year CampVision invites over 100 youths to the camp, as well as to our subsequent programmes and activities. The youth ranges from 13 to 19 years of age, and are from various schools and social service centres.

Many of the youths choose to return, and to contribute to the new group of youths. The returning youths form…

the core base who are developed by CampVision to serve, and who over time transition to be adult volunteers themselves.

Besides making a difference to the youths, the CampVision journey is also a powerful one for the volunteers who in serving, were in turn inspired themselves.  And many have also gone on to live different lives since.


An all volunteer-driven entity that is funded till date by donations from kind individuals who knows us and believe in the work we do!

Touching Lives

Touching the lives of almost 1,000 youths from more than 20 different schools and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) registered with National Council of Social Services (NCSS) since 2004.


Growing to encompass several follow-up initiatives and programmes that seeks to continuously grow and empower our youths thanks to our tireless volunteers and limited funds.